Rabbi Mendy Weitman 

   Founder and executive director 

Rabbi Mendy Weitman, was born in São Paulo in Brazil, where his parents were based as Chabad emissaries and and his father is chief Rabbi of the Bet Yacov Synagogue. He pursued his rabbinical studies in Israel, and France, finally graduating in the United States at the Rabbinical College of America.

In September of 2009, Rabbi Mendy and his wife Frumie realized the great need to create a home away from home for the Spanish speaking community in NYC. With his background and his natural Latin warmth, Rabbi Mendy instinctively knows how to create a feeling of home for those so far away from it. In September of 2009, they founded the Jewish Latin Center in Downtown Manhattan, a now vibrant and thriving international community. 

Rabbi Mendy is an expert in both Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions, and he is an international rabbinical authority to whom families from all backgrounds and communities can seek advice and services. 

He recently served as the Rabbi of Sephardic synagogue on Fifth avenue, and is currently the Rabbi of the Ohel Moshe Synagogue at Moise Safra Center.


Mrs. Frumie Weitman

Co- Founder & Women's circle Director

Frumie Weitman was born in Toronto, Canada. She attended a Chabad girls High School in Canada and spent a year doing advanced studies in Israel. Frumie has many years of  experience in teaching and tutoring Jewish Studies for people of all backgrounds and ages, connecting to those she met on a deep level.

In 2009, Frumie, together with Rabbi Mendy, envisioned a center that would become a vibrant, warm and homey setting for all those who needed it. Her warm personality and innate sensitivity to others enabled her to carry out this dream- the JLC, a true home away from home, was created. 

Frumie founded the women's circle of the JLC, a program that hosts classes for women of the community year round and highlights the power of Jewish femininity and leadership. 

Mrs. Weitman is also a talented educational director, currently serving as the Hebrew school and program director of the Moise Safra Center in New York.

Rabbi Mendy Shuchat
Director of Community Education
Rabbi Shuchat was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where his father serves as the Dean of the Yeshiva and his mother as the principal of the Chabad day school. He pursued his Rabbinical studies in New York and Melbourne, Australia, finally graduating in the United States at the Rabbinical Seminary of America. Following that, Rabbi Shuchat was qualified by the Beth Din of Monsey, NY, as a certified guide on family and marriage matters.
Rabbi Shuchat successfully led the High Holiday services at the Jewish Latin Center for three years before he was hired as the director of community education, where he shares his passion of studying and teaching Torah with all those around him. His vast knowledge, coupled with his warm personality, lend a meaningful, engaging and practical tone to his classes.

 Mrs. Nechama Shuchat

Community program Director

Nechama was born in Manchester England. Her parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Chazan are spiritual leaders of the Holy Law South Broughton congregation. 

Nechama studied education in Israel and graduated in the USA. Following her graduation, she taught Jewish studies in day schools in England and later, in the United States.

From a young age, Nechama led programs and events for the kids and teens of her community. Her organizational and communicational skills brought her to successfully direct summer camps and youth groups in Russia, England and the US.  

Nechama brings this vast experience and her many talents to the Jewish Latin Center, where together with her husband, she will manage and direct the community programs.


Mrs. Devorah Treitel 

Administrative Assistant

Devorah grew up in Toronto, Canada. She studied there in the Chabad girls school and later moved on to a teachers seminary in Tzfat, Israel. Devorah is currently studying for her bachelors  in touro college. This is her second year working as the administrative assistant in the JLC and we are blessed to have her organizational skills behind the scenes of our daily activities. 

Devorah is also a teacher in the Hebrew School of the Moise Safra Center in New York.