The JLC has been an integral part of my family's Jewish Life in New York since its opening. Mendy and Frummie have created a vibrant community, we like attending their family events around all the important Jaguim with our daughter where we meet other Jewish families and celebrate the Jewish calendar. JLC is a very special place that keeps couples and families together around Judaism, values within a social setting. We really like it.
Jose and Esther Kliksberg, Caracas, Venezuela

The JLC is a home away from home. It is a place of comfort and coziness, while also a center for spiritual depth and personal growth. The members of the JLC are like a family, and I've come to love many of them. While the group is strongly connected, the door for newcomers is always wide open. Whether you are looking for a place of prayer, friends who will be there for you, or simply a legendary Shabbat dinner, I would recommend coming to visit the JLC. You'll be welcomed with smiles.
Sidney Efromovitch, Sao Paulo, Brasil
In my post-college job search I found more than just a job. I found the Jewish Latin Center (JLC)! It was an honorable find. Besides the religious connection that brings us to the JLC, I have found a community of people that come from very similar backgrounds, and in very similar situations as myself. I am a proud contributor and collaborator of the JLC. It has brought me closer to my religion and spirituality as well as bringing me closer to existing and new friends. Together with our dear Rabbi Weitman and his family, I want to see it grow and help as many young Brazilians as myself to find a "home away from home".
Alan Bogoricin, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
My name is Daniel Geller. I'm from Brazil and moved to New York 6 years ago. I'm extremely happy to be part of the Jewish Latin Center. Rabbi Mendy is not only a great Rabbi but also a great friend and the pillar of the Jewish Latin community in New York. I met my beloved wife in his synagogue and he recently married us. We will be eternally grateful to him.
Daniel Geller, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
I am from Caracas Venezuela where I grew up in a very warm Jewish community. When I moved to NYC I felt that I was part of a bigger city but I also felt that I started living in a more individualistic way. I missed the feeling of being part of a community, I missed being surrounded by people like me and attending events that reminded me of my Jewish heritage. But that was until The Jewish Latin Center was founded. The JLC is my home away from home, going to the shabbat dinners, Jewish holidays and events have enabled me and my husband to feel like we are not alone in the city and that we have a place where we can go share, have a good time, practice our religion and of course make new friends. Mendy and Frumie have made us feel like family with their warmth and dedication, always caring for the well being of the members of their community. I hope the JLC keeps growing so they can keep nurturing and adopting every latin jew making them feel like they have a home away from home.
Daniela Apeloig Sultan, Caracas, Venezuela
As I moved to NY to start my career following four years as a student in Boston, I thought that keeping up with the same 'type' of Jewish life that I had in Boston was going to be tough. Weekly learning with a full time job seemed a reach, and big Shabbat dinners meeting tons of people my age looked to be rare. JLC made it all easier for me. It has been providing me with the continued sense of Jewish learning and community that I was looking for as I moved to New York. The weekly learning is something that I thank Mendy about each time. With a million factors making it hard to have continuous learning on various Jewish studies, Mendy made them all dissipate: He found a good time and day for everyone, and brought the studying to us. These classes offer a peace and calm, together with an intellectual depth, that I now crave every day.
Ariel Bengio, Madrid, Spain
Thank you for leading Jewish Latin Center. I would never have made it in New York without the Latin Center Jewish community and would not have made most of my wonderful friends.
Ayelet Shuber

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