Jewish Latin Center Weekly Update
Parshat Acharei - Kedoshim
 Friday, May 1, 2015
Candle Lighting Times
7:34 pm
8:38 pm

Why He Was Crying


The 14 year old burst our crying.


It was just as we left the Ohel. (click here for more info on the Ohel)  His father was getting a hot drink, and suddenly the boy started crying.


I turned around and asked the boy what was bothering him?


The boy told me something that I will never ever forget!


"Tell my father to stop buying me the latest iphone, I have all the latest gadgets.. I want him to spend time with me, I want to share my day with him ...

This boy taught me a lesson in life that I could not get from any book!


The boy didn't just hit a home run in knocking the importance of spending time with children into my head.


He taught me the importance of prayer. I shouldn't think that my donation, or going to a Jewish rally, will buy me a happy father. Hashem wants me to spend time with him. He wants me to do those things he cares for. He wants me to do something as simple as praying; putting on Tefilin, or lighting shabbat candles!


This boy also taught me how we have the right to turn around to our father and cry out; it's time for G‑d to spend time with us! It's time for G‑d to demonstrate to us that he loves us! Let the world see the unbreakable bond of G‑d and the Jewish people with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days!

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Photo of the Week

Mazal Tov to: 

Andres Blank
Maxi Sultan
Adriana Kassel
on the occasion of their birthday.
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Phrase of the Week

 "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."