Class 1 Wednesday, October 22 2014
The Mysticism of Meat-Eaters
Were Humans Meant to Eat Meat?
Some argue that humans are more herbivore-like than carnivorous. Are we meat-eaters? Should we be? This class probes differences between humans and animals as well as Judaism’s care and concern for the well-being of animals.
Class 2 Wednesday, October 29 2014
Name Changers Are Game Changers
How Our Names Shape Our Lives
Did you know that your name is what makes you who you are? Through its letters, we get the strength and the ability to fulfill our destiny. Learn what your name says about you and how you can harness the power of a Jewish name.
Class 3 Wednesday, November 5 2014
Taking One for the Team
Why Lot's Daughters Admitted Their Incest
Why did Lot's daughters advertise their immoral conduct? And why is there a custom to read this story every week? Find out in this class about stunning selflessness and messianic anticipation.
Class 4 Wednesday, November 12 2014
Know Thy Self
Self-Awareness Is the Genesis of All Healing
On the outside everything seems normal, but deep beneath the surface lie fears, anxieties, and desires. We can usually get along just fine keeping our subconscious at bay, until we can’t anymore. How do we root out these hidden skeletons?
Class 5 Wednesday, November 19 2014
The Entitlement Disease
The Challenge of Generation I
Nobody likes a narcissist. This class looks at biblical examples of narcissism to teach us how to recognize narcissistic patterns within ourselves, how to root them out, and how to avoid falling into this devilish trap.
Class 6 Wednesday, November 26 2014
Born to Try
Why We Must Never Give Up
Some people just have it made: They're naturally smart, funny, wealthy, and good-looking. But for those who don't have that head start in life, is there a way to catch up? An unorthodox analysis of Jewish history tells us that there is always hope.
Class 7 Wednesday, December 3 2014
Bar Mitzvah Lessons
What We Can Learn From Three Bar Mitzvahs in History
It's time to bring back meaning to the Bar Mitzvah spectacle. This important day is about more than having the biggest band or the quirkiest twist. By looking at the Bar Mitzvah celebrations of the ancient past, this class tells us what it means to become a man.
Class 8 Wednesday, December 10 2014
Bragging Is Beautiful
When and Why It's Okay to Boast
Welcome to today's Klein Lecture hosted in the Lefkowitz Hall of the Goldstein Building. That's a phrase you might hear in any Jewish center, and it seems to drip with ostentatiousness. This class shows that it's not only OK to let others know about your achievements; it's also the best thing you can do./td>
Class 9 Wednesday, December 17 2014
The Social Animal
Why We Live the Way We Do
Why do you pay taxes and not steal? Because you have to or because it's the right thing? This question lies at the heart of the concept of 'community.' Like it or not, we share this earth together. Let's make the most of it.
Class 10 Wednesday, December 24 2014
Wipe Away Those Tears
When to Cry and When Not To
Crying, we believe, is the truest voice of the heart. Is there a more powerful expression of our pain, our regret, or our guilt? This class argues that crying can also be an obstacle to our progress in life. Knowing when to sob and when to be stoic is the key.
Class 11 Wednesday, December 31 2014
The Burial of the Raven
A Lesson in Confronting Evil
It's tough. We're urged to take our heads out of the sand and see the ugliness in ourselves and our world. But the reality can make us despair. Is it better to ignore the bad? Or is there a way we can beat it without it beating us?

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