You are invited to join us for 


Saluting the members of the Visionaries Club! 

Tuesday, July 28th l 8:00pm 
at the exclusive TRUMP SOHO Rooftop | 246 Spring Street.
The Visionaries Club are the sustaining partners of the Jewish Latin Center. Each member gives a monthly recurring payment (or one lump sum of the equivalent). These gifts ensure the success and continuity of our community. 

We invite you to join this special club! 
Anyone can be a member of The Visionaries Club

 Current Visionaries Club Members:

Julio and Rita Bogoricin

Alan Bogoricin

Daniel Silberman

Ariel Bengio

Moises Eskinazi

Alex and Danielle Galsky

Erick Epelboim

Matias and Sylvia Ringel

Elias and Erica Ehrlich

Alexandra Einhorn

Adam Ron

Aaron Vaisman

Simon Bennaim

Susan Leibovitch

Daniel Mendelzon

Leon and Joanna Skornicki

Federico Kamelhar

David and Katia Svartman

Daniel and Florencia Chodos

Ludovic Audesson

Eduardo Capeluto

Farida Kassin

Eduardo and Sydney Goldberg

Daniel Levy

Hannah Schuftan

Arie Friedheim

Ezra Cohen

Alberto Cohen

Jack Tabacinic

Patrick Treiger

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