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Become A Charter Member Of The Visionaries Club!

Dear Friend,

"Giving is Living" is the essence of the Visionaries Club — a group of 100 visionary individuals, committed to the financial support of the Jewish Latin Center.

In keeping with our open-door policy where everyone is welcome, the Jewish Latin Center does not ask for annual membership dues. Instead, a crucial element of support for our work comes from hard-working individuals who commit themselves to monthly contributions. These donations add up to make a great difference in covering our operational budget.

We still have much to accomplish though, including expanding our reach to the thousands of Latin American Jews known to live in the New York area, giving hope to young men and women caught in the web of ignorance of Judaism.

The future of the Jewish Latin Center depends on our community's leaders, on people like you. Together we can make an incredible difference for so many.

With blessings, Rabbi Mendy and Frumie Weitman

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